Science and Research

The scientific vision of the RTG BEyond AMphiphilicity – BEAM – is to extend the concept of amphiphilicity to achieve structuring soft matter through non-covalent interactions and a quantitative description that reconciles the static thermodynamics and a dynamic molecular view on soft matter. For the first time, a set of measurable physico-chemical quantities shall be defined and used to address the molecular interactions and the structural and dynamic phenomena which lead to thermodynamic features associated with the terms philicity and phobicity. We will go beyond elementary thermodynamic aspects such as miscibilities and partition coefficients: the combination into multiple interaction patterns combining amphiphilicity with physical (attractive, repulsive) or effective interactions within a single molecule together with the creation of order in the presence of dynamics (translations, rotations and conformational motions) shall be developed further.

Profile of the Research Training Group

Our Research and Training Group BEyond AMphiphilicity – BEAM – combines highly original science and research projects that start off from the well-known and simple concept of amphiphilicity. We propose an innovative look at intermolecular interaction patterns that we foster and develop in research projects that span a broad range of modern physical chemistry, materials science, and biochemistry questions. Our qualification program, measures for recruiting, gender equality and family friendliness are equally innovative and ambitious – with the goals of finding the best young researchers early and of empowering all graduates to become proficient in research and be well-equipped for the job market.