Equal Opportunity Statement

Equal Opportunity Statement

The RTG2670 is committed to gender equality and non-discriminatory employment. We consider the implementation of corresponding standards as our strategic scientific management goals. We made it a principle to act transparently and to develop an open discussion culture. The RTG2670 steering committee fosters an environment where all employees of the GRK2670 should be able to work without limitations due to gender, sexual identity, religion, age, belonging to an underrepresented group, coming from a foreign culture, being a parent or having a disability. Please see our different activities below.

Application process

– We always give a male and a female researcher as contact in our job advertisements.
– When interviewing candidates, then we make sure that there are different genders represented in the panel of RTG2670 interviewers.
– We highly encourage women to apply for positions, given that they are still underrepresented in the main research areas relevant for RTG2670.
–The application process of our first cohort already lead to a higher application and hiring percentage of women, than normally given for the respective field.

Work and Family Rhythm

– We offer child care during RTG2670 events if necessary.
– We aim to organize RTG events during common childcare facility opening hours.
– We aim to offer flexibility of working ours for RTG2670 PhD candidates with small children.
– All full doctoral researchers obtained a laptop computer, so that they have different options and can work from home at least partially, they can join virtual conferences from home and therefore there are fewer conflicts and child care issues. In some groups there is additional technical equipment for hybrid meetings, which gives additional flexibility.
– We offer the possibility for parents to bring their child to work when unexpected issues with normal child care arise. For that reason, we supported the furnishing of the parent-child-room in Freiherr-von-Fritsch-Straße 2.

Personnel support

– We offer financial support so that student assistants can be paid to help with laboratory work during pregnancy and parental leave. Career advancement
– Individual coaching, in general or during particularly challenging times
– Professional career development workshops for women only – Professional skill seminars for women only – Career talks “Women and Career in Natural Science” with the opportunity to network for female PhD candidates “Women and Career in Natural Science”