RTG 2670: Self-Organization of Soft Matter

via Multiple Noncovalent Interactions

News of the RTG

Women and Career in Natural Science

Prof. Rebecca Waldecker talks about her experiences as a woman in natural science and tell the story behind her official CV October 15, 2021 12:30 - 14:00 VSP 1, 0.04 Feel free to join. 3G only: vaccinated, recovered or tested

Posted on: 7.10.2021

A Warm Welcome to our first RTG PhD candidates

We are looking forward to fruitful discussions, rocket science and many publications. Have fun doing research.

Posted on: 15.6.2021

A Warm Welcome to Our RTG Coordinators!

We welcome Dr. Imme Sakwa-Waltz as scientific and Nicole Haak as administrative coordinators of BEAM. We are looking forward to working together and are certain that their enthusiasm will be an asset for BEAM for the years to come!

Posted on: 16.3.2021

Profile of the Research Training Group

Our Research and Training Group BEyond AMphiphilicity – BEAM – combines highly original science and research projects that start off from the well-known and simple concept of amphiphilicity. We propose an innovative look at intermolecular interaction pattern...

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Posted on: 15.2.2021

Science and Research

The scientific vision of the RTG BEyond AMphiphilicity – BEAM – is to extend the concept of amphiphilicity to achieve structuring soft matter through non-covalent interactions and a quantitative description that reconciles the static thermodynamics and a dyn...

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Posted on: 15.2.2021

Education and Training

This RTG starts out with a well-known qualitative concept, amphiphilicity, that is taught at highschools very early on in chemistry education. From an educational point of view, we do something seemingly simple, by departing from this simple dichotomy – hydr...

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Posted on: 15.2.2021